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We offer a comprehensive maintenance service which includes the following: 

  • Check the proper function of the primary and secondary control systems of the oven including the thermostats, thermocouples, pilot lights, and gas valves.   Adjust pressure and air intake.  


  • Take efficiency readings to see how well your oven is baking.


  • Check the proper function of the two main safety switches of the oven, the high limit thermostat and the vacuum switch.


  • Check the proper function of and calibrate the three thermostats to ensure correct temperature readings.  Also check the factory settings on the main Athena controller.


  • Check the proper function of the rotation and clutch rod adjustment bracket to minimize wear on the main sprockets and the gearmotor.  Explain Overload/Reset switch function.


  • Check the proper function of the window and door weight guides and make adjustments as necessary.  Inspect window counter balance weights, slide hinges, and sprocket rod bearings.  Explain chain alignment with door pin.

  • Check the proper function and condition of the electrical system of the oven.

  • Explanation of all upgrades.


Most important:  A basic training/overview of the function, cleaning, and lubricating of the oven is given to the owner.



Maintenance Service

We offer yearly service and maintenance on Rotoflex ovens all over the country.  We also offer complete rebuild services, upgrade services, and specialize in the buying and selling of pre-owned ovens.

Our Services

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