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Pre-owned Ovens 

All of the pre-owned ovens that we have in stock, ready for sell, are completely rebuilt with all brand new components as well as 3 of our major upgrades including the new belt drive system, the high efficiency heat cone (which allows you to cook on your bottom deck) as well as the crystal clear single pane tempered glass life time warrantied windows. We typically have both 48" and 56" models in stock. 


If you have a Rotoflex oven that you would like to sell please contact us at





Watch the video to see a rebuild and install from start to finish. 


Owner Responsibilities

  1. Payment: 50% Down payment due upon Order...remaining 50% due upon delivery

  2. Contractor Coordination: All subcontractors are required to contact PIFE Inc. at earliest convenience for detailed explanation and time frame expectations

  3. Day of Install: Provide (2) laborers to assist with unloading and assembly - 10 hrs max

  4. Day of Install: Provide Pallet Jack to move oven into position. Along with timbers and blocks for handling: (2) 4x4x6’ long timbers & (8) 4x4x6” blocks cut from previous drops


HVAC Contractor

  1. 1000 cfm of exhaust is needed per Window...MAX. Need the ability to slow the system

  2. Comparable make up air is required for restaurant environment

  3. 16” round penetration in exhaust plenum is provided for duct work at top of oven

  4. Provide exhaust penetration through ceiling, ready for easy connection after oven install


Electrical Contractor

  1. 120 V dedicated circuit for oven itself within 6’ of oven (see detail in owner’s manual)

  2. Choice on using the Rotoflex Relay or an existing switch to power the exhaust hood

  3. Based upon previous...120 V dedicated circuit for exhaust fan (may vary by location)

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